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Practical Orientation

The General Management modules not only teach helpful approaches and concepts for the analysis, assessment, and design of companies. You will be asked continually to apply these approaches to specific situations and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

You will work through case studies, handle project orders from partner companies, and participate in simulations. In various modules, you will also work on joint projects with a partner company and get feedback from practitioners, all of which is not only demanding but also highly instructive.

"I was very impressed with how quickly and comprehensively students got involved in new industries and specific business models and analyzed challenging problem areas. We now use the well-considered solutions they have suggested to advance our business."

Christian Dollfus, Founder of CEEX: The Clean Energy Exchange, partner company, "GM Forum" module

"Thanks to the practical orientation of the lectures and the skillful support of our lecturers, we are already able to work with companies while still getting our Bachelor's degree. In the "Advanced Marketing" module, we were able to work in teams to develop a marketing plan for an innovative solution provider of architecture/office equipment and present it to its management."

Niklas Feurer, full-time BSc student of Business Administration with a specialization in General Management

"In my role as a member of the marketing division of Globus, I’m glad that I was able to learn and practice organizational skills, teamwork, presentation skills, and self-reliance during my studies. I need these skills on a daily basis to make our work processes effective and efficient."

Nadja Käppeli, Junior Project Manager, Marketing Communication, Globus

Towards the end of the specialization period of study, questions become more and more open-ended, and students become more and more aware of how the different areas have to intermesh in advancing the business of a company.

In Tune with Companies

With a degree in General Management, you will become a business all-rounder and can support companies in their business development in an international as well as a digitalized environment.

Along the way, you will be supported by lecturers who know what the corporate world is doing today, and what the future will bring, because they work with companies on current problem solutions.

In their blogs, our institutes and centers regularly report on their collaboration in key areas of general management: