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Arts Management

Our innovative, practice-oriented executive education Arts Management programs for cultural professionals are offered as part-time MAS programs, CAS programs, or continuing education courses (WBK).

Professionalization in the cultural sector and the creative industries is an expression of a changing understanding of culture and reflects the increasing demands on arts and cultural organizations. Cultural managers run cultural operations, develop, produce, mediate, and market cultural programs and events. As part of the creative community, they operate at the interface between culture, politics, business and civil society.

The diverse managerial responsibilities in all areas of culture require sound professional, methodological, and strategic competence. For this reason, the Center for Arts Management offers a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS), various Certificates of Advances Studies (CAS), and several continuing education courses (WBK) in the field of arts management. More information is available at our information events (German).

MAS Arts Management

The MAS in Arts Management consists of four CAS programs and a Master's thesis. It enables participants to take on strategic and operational tasks in the management and leadership of arts and cultural organizations. One focus of this MAS program is the promotion of entrepreneurial action and strategic thinking in the cultural sector.

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CAS Programs Arts Management

CAS Cultural Politics and Cultural Promotion

After completing the CAS in Cultural Politics and Cultural Promotion, you will be able to take on tasks in cultural policy planning and the promotion of cultural institutions competently, independently, and responsibly. The CAS also enables you to act professionally in the political and social environment of cultural promotion. It can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Arts Management program.

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CAS Strategic Arts Management

The CAS in Strategic Arts Management program will enable you to run cultural organizations and projects. Using the latest management knowledge, graduates can master the challenges of arts and cultural organizations. The program can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Arts Management program.

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CAS Cultural Entrepreneurship

The CAS in Cultural Entrepreneurship will prepare you for setting up and developing cultural ventures and projects while also teaching entrepreneurial thinking and action in the context of existing cultural organizations. It can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Arts Management program.

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CAS Arts Marketing and Cultural Mediation

Graduates of the CAS in Arts Marketing and Cultural Mediation program are competent and up-to-date in all areas of arts marketing. They develop fundraising and sponsorship concepts for cultural institutions and cultural projects and implement them successfully. The program can be booked individually or as part of the MAS in Arts Management program.

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Arts Management Continuing Education Courses (WBK)

WBK Sustainability in the Arts

In the two-day continuing education course, you will learn the most important basics of sustainability and acquire the necessary tools to anchor sustainability in your cultural enterprise or project in a future-oriented way.

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WBK Fundraising in the Arts

In this three-day continuing education course, participants receive basic knowledge about the most important fundraising instruments and their practical implementation in the cultural sector.

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WBK Arts History: From Antiquity to Post-Modern Era

In this continuing education course, participants explore questions of arts history, aesthetics, and cultural philosophy in order to historically contextualize today's cultural industry and better understand current debates.

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Arts Management (MAS/CAS) Information Events

All Arts Management executive education programs/continuing education courses are presented at regular intervals in the Arts Management (MAS/CAS) information events. Why not register for an information event and learn more about how our programs can benefit you?

Individual Consultation

We will be happy to clarify any unanswered questions and provide non-binding advice to support you in your individual study path and career planning. Contact us using the consultation form and we will contact you directly.