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Vocapp 2.0

Students taking the module "Languages and Law 1" have had access to an E-learning tool since 2012: The "VocApp 1.0" gives students the opportunity for selective basic training in Anglo-American legal vocabulary. The tool was developed in close collaboration between the English team of the Center for Languages in Management and Law and the Center for New Learning and, thanks to the use of new technologies, takes into account more mobile and less formal student study behavior. The subsequent Version 2.0 contains optimizations to the earlier release plus two "serious games". Good self-assessment and fast identification of the vocabulary or its definition means a higher score, and an (optional) ranking system gives students the opportunity to take advantage of the group motivation effect. This redeveloped version supports all accessible platforms for mobile devices (smart phone, tablets, and computers). With a view to future developments in the field of E-learning at the School of Management and Law, the App was designed so that it can be adapted for other content at a later date.