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Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy

“We impart basic knowledge on international relations, but above all applied diplomacy. This includes the protocol as well as other skills to progress in international relations.”

Dominique Ursprung, Deputy Head Center for EMEA Business

Focus Areas

Today, diplomacy is no longer the preserve of professional diplomats alone. Many key players such as cantons, regions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multinational companies, and private individuals interact on the international stage.


Further trainings

The CAS Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy takes into account current developments in the interdisciplinary field of international relations - where business, law, politics, and history converge. Thanks to a broad network and our cooperation partners, we offer a varied and practice-oriented program with workshops and study excursions to Bern, Brussels, and Geneva.

The advanced continuing education course in Diplomacy in the Digital Age deals in depth with the topic of public affairs and the influence of digital communication in the public sector.

The continuing education course in Diplomacy & Information Security focuses on the growing significance of data and the need to ensure data security in the context of international relations.


Becoming a diplomat for fugitives

01 December 2020
A portrait of Christina Gräni, responsible for PR at Powercoders and Alumna of CAS Foreign Affairs and Applied Diplomacy.

Report in the ZHAW Impact(PDF 91,4 KB) (German)

Current State and Outlook for Swiss-EU Relations

27 November 2020
H.E. Petros Mavromichalis, Ambassador of the European Union to Switzerland talked at the International Business Podium to students and faculty of SML about Swiss-EU relations and current developments in Brussels.

Report in the SML-Blog
ZHAW Business Podium

Analysis of the EU’s Response to COVID-19

29 April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge for many states around the world. The ZHAW International Management Institute and its unit for Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy have invited experts to discuss how the European Union is responding to this crisis.

Report in the SML-Blog
ZHAW Business Podium

What is the Role of the Visegrád Four in Europe?

30 September 2019
Highlevel representatives of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated in the first ZHAW International Business Podium event in Winterthur.

Report in the SML-Blog

Understanding the Mechanisms of Diplomacy

28 Mai 2019
In spring 2019, the fourth CAS Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy took place for two months. Participants from various industries and disciplines used the opportunity to deal with the functioning of international relations.

Report in the SML-Blog

Foreign Minister of Nepal visits ZHAW

25 January 2019
The ZHAW welcomed a delegation headed by the Nepalese Foreign Minister, Pradeep Kumar GYAWALI, to Winterthur. In addition to the visit of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, various aspects of the role of civil society for an independent foreign policy as well as possible fields of cooperation were discussed in an open exchange.

Report in the SML-Blog

Foreign Policy in the Council of States

6 November 2018
Graduates of the CAS Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy met for lunch with Swiss Councillor of States Damian Müller to discuss the contentious issue of Swiss foreign policy.

Report in the SML-Blog

Applied Diplomacy in Bern, Brussels, and Geneva

16 March 2018
Prof. Kurt Spillmann, a renowned expert on international relations, addressed the third intake of students CAS Foreign Affairs & Applied Diplomacy.

He succeeded in an impressive way in explaining and classifying current phenomena, such as the old-new American diplomacy approach and ongoing tensions between Europe and Russia.

Report in the SML-Blog