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Talking to Grazia Grassi

Grazia Grassi, alumna of the CAS in Corporate Responsibility 2019, runs corporate communications at Denner, where one of her responsibilities is sustainability communication.

Why did you decide to do a CAS in Corporate Responsibility at the ZHAW School of Management and Law?

Denner’s commitment to sustainability became public knowledge after it published its first sustainability report in 2015. To show how committed Denner is, I’ve been focusing on sustainability ever since, communicating extensively about the topic both within our company as well as to the outside world. The CAS program I did at the ZHAW School of Management and Law gave me more insight into corporate responsibility across the entire value chain. This, as well as the many different instructors, was extremely valuable to me.

"The many practical examples of how other companies deal with issues in corporate responsibility enabled an inspiring change of perspective, which I found to be very valuable."

Grazia Grassi

To complete the CAS program, participants need to write a practically oriented paper, which is time-consuming. What has this part of the program given you?

A lot! The paper made me examine sustainability communication and new forms of communication and communication measures in detail. I wrote on sustainability in companies and how to promote it intrinsically, communicate about it credibly, and ensure its legitimacy. This is a path that we at Denner want to follow with our communication efforts in the future. We want to act responsibly and make a difference – both internally and externally – and we will work hard to achieve this.

How do you deal with sustainability in your private life?

I have two adolescents still living at home, so I need to set a good example and act responsibly in my everyday life. I want to raise their awareness of sustainability topics – they should know the consequences of their actions because it is their future in a world that needs protecting.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Of course! Anyone wishing to know more about corporate responsibility will find a good mix of theory and practice here.

CAS Corporate Responsibility

The CAS in Corporate Responsibility provides participants with the tools they need to embed corporate responsibility and sustainability management as a strategic goal and thereby contribute to the success of a company. Specialists teach the content of this program with a balanced mix of current concepts and instruments as well as practical examples.