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Careers after bachelor's degree Transportation Systems

Upon completion of your studies you will be qualified for challenging tasks. Transportation systems engineers are in high demand in the following sectors:

Specialisation Engineering

«That's why as a specialist, I'm in demand on the job market. I can help to actively design the future with my work and that gives me great satisfaction.»

Fabian Hasler, AGraduate Transportation Systems, Engineer in the field of Environment and Transport, TBF + Partner AG

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Specialisation Transportation Management

Interesting interdisciplinary and special tasks also exist for graduates of both specialisations in marketing, consulting, lobbying, quality management, training and research. Open the Graduate profile

"Siemens needs competent young professionals with a solid un-derstanding of the correlations accompanied by good ideas for the transport systems of tomorrow. We therefore deliberately support the study programme with our advisory services and show our commitment by providing our own lecturers for the teaching pro-cess."

Hansmartin Alder, Siemens Switzerland, Mobility and Logistics

“With its Transportation Systems programme, ZHAW trains transport engineers who are urgently needed to maintain the high competitiveness and performance of the Swiss transport sector. We are looking forward to increased cooperation in the coming years and the joint advancement of innovative mobility concepts and technologies."

Martin Bütikofer, director of the Swiss Museum of Transport

"Transportation Systems graduates have the competencies required to perform conceptually valuable work in our company. We would be very happy to add more graduates of this programme to our team in the future."

Dr Stefan Karch, head of the Overall Railway System and Innova-tion, SBB AG

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Half our graduates found their first job within one month of graduating, and the majority found a job within three months.

An entry-level salary for engineers and architects is CHF 91,000. In different sectors this may vary, however, especially in the energy industry, where salaries are significantly higher. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science can also expect a higher entry-level salary. Once graduates have been working for several years, their average annual salary will be approximately CHF 117,000. (Source: Saläre für Ingenieure und Architekten – Sonderbeilage Swiss Engineering).