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Intelligent Information Systems

We Derive Value from Data and Information

These are but a few of the questions that the Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) group of the InIT is working to answer. While the “data and information flood” is often discussed negatively, we see a great opportunity to leverage data and information using the right approaches – both at search-time, as well as during analysis.

The research group transfers insights derived from research and development into teaching for students of the computer science curricula. It offers modules such as “Information Engineering 1 (Information Retrieval)”, “Information Engineering 2 (Data Warehousing & Big Data)” and "Databases". The group is active in both national and international research projects of the EU framework programs.

Research Topics

The Intelligent Information Systems group develops solutions for a changing, data-driven world. It performs research at the intersection of databases (DB), information retrieval (IR), data engineering (DE), natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML)

The group covers two main research lines:

Big Data and Nano Data

We solve challenging problems when working with a range of datasets from very small (nano data) to very large (big data), where the nature of the problems change drastically as we work on different scales:

Current research:

Data Understanding

As we strive for "intelligent" solutions to data-driven problems, classical information systems need to process data at a different level, interpreting it to gain important information.  Both structured and unstructured data must be processed not on a mechanical, but on a semantic level - e.g. by using natural language processing and understanding. Data is ultimately connected through graph structures or made accessible via semantic search.

Current research: