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Description of Workshop Formats

The objectives and tasks within the various workshops for the development of a Smart City Initiative can be different. In this section we give an overview of possible goals and the workshop formats that can be used to develop these tasks.

Workshop Goals Formats/Tools
Development of core group & common understanding of the Smart City concept Presentations, Brainstorming, and e.g. Fish-Bowl-Methode or open discussion with guiding questions
Discussion of the status quo of smart city solutions and their potential for optimization Short presentations (pitches) by project managers/department managers working in small groups Open Space oder fachliche Inputs aus anderen Städten
Analysis of Needs and Idea Generation Tool Open Space oder Worldcafé (strukturiert nach den 6 Smart-City-Handlungsfeldern)
Prioritization of smart city projects Working in small groups or Open Space, Survey/Evaluation (available online, z.B.: SurveyMonkey, Mentimeter, polleverywhere, tallyspace, etc)