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Computer Vision, Perception and Cognition Group

“AI is THE key technology of the digital transformation, across sectors and industries, with major effects on our societies. Our research thus makes major contributions to the development of robust and trustworthy AI methods, and we enthusiastically teach their safe implementation and application.”

Professor Dr Thilo Stadelmann

Fields of expertise

  • Pattern recognition with deep learning
  • Machine perception, computer vision and speaker recognition
  • Neural system development

The CVPC group conducts pattern recognition research, working on a wide variety of tasks relating to image, audio, and signal data per se. We focus on deep neural network and reinforcement learning methodology, inspired by biological learning. Each task we study has its own learning target (e.g., detection, classification, clustering, segmentation, novelty detection, control) and corresponding use case (e.g., predictive maintenance, speaker recognition for multimedia indexing, document analysis, optical music recognition, computer vision for industrial quality control, automated machine learning, deep reinforcement learning for automated game play or building control), which in turn sheds light on different aspects of the learning process. We use this experience to create increasingly general AI systems built on neural architectures.