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A Master’s Program After a BSc in Business Law or Applied Law

With a BSc in Business Law or a BSc in Applied Law, a wide range of Master's degree programs are open to you. Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your knowledge and skills.

The Bachelor's degree programs offered at ZHAW qualify students for a profession. In addition, motivated graduates have access to various consecutive programs at the Master's level.

MSc in Management and Law

ZHAW offers an MSc program in Management and Law aimed at students with a Bachelor's degree in Business Law, Applied Law, or Business Administration. The program, which addresses topics at the interface of management and law, is an interdisciplinary, internationally oriented course of study and prepares students for challenging tasks in strategic, operational, and legal change and project management. The languages of instruction are German and English (50 percent of each). This Master’s degree opens up career prospects in middle and senior management. With a Bachelor's degree in Business Law, you will be admitted directly to the MSc in Management and Law. If you hold a Bachelor's degree in Applied Law or Business Administration, admission is subject to additional requirements.

In addition to the MSc in Management and Law, the ZHAW School of Management and Law offers other Master's programs. Depending on the program, admission may be subject to additional requirements.

Admission to a Master of Law Program Through the Direct or Indirect Passerelle

At Swiss universities, students with a Bachelor in Business Law or Applied Law can register for a Master of Law program after passing an exam to bridge the knowledge gap, the so-called “Passerelle.” The Passerelle can be direct* or indirect*, and requirements vary in format and content depending on the university. We recommend that you contact the university you are interested in directly.

* In the case of the direct Passerelle, applicants are admitted to the Master of Law directly but still need to fulfill certain additional Passerelle requirements. In other words, you will be admitted to the Master's program but will have to pass selected exams at the Bachelor's degree level before you can graduate.

** In the case of the indirect Passerelle, applicants enroll in a Bachelor of Law program, towards which they receive 90 ECTS credits. This means that you need to complete a Bachelor of Law program before you can continue your studies with a Master of Law program.