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Thesis Writer

Almost without exception, all university graduates have to write a thesis or dissertation. By the time they complete their course program, students are expected to have learnt to work and write independently and scientifically. However, it is obvious to lecturers that the necessary skills are frequently lacking among many students. Consequently, there is a great need for taught writing skills in addition to subject-based supervision of final papers - something which "Thesis Writer" is designed to cover. This takes the form of an open electronic learning environment in which students can choose from a wide range of flexible options.

Conceived as a interdepartmental collaboration between the schools of Applied Linguistics and Management and Law at ZHAW, an Internet-supported learning platform has been developed in the form of applied research, guiding users in the writing of final papers and helping them acquire various text writing skills (detailed concept)(PDF 141,6 KB). The initial prototype is aimed at students in the Bachelor’s degree programs in the field of business sciences and should be ready for testing by the 2014 fall semester.