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Institute for Risk & Insurance

"The insurance industry is a very dynamic environment. Technological developments together with changes in the environment and in society, as well as in regulatory requirements, affect all areas of the business. With our know-how, we can help insurance specialists and companies to master these multiple challenges."

Daniel Greber, Head of Institute for Risk & Insurance

The Institute for Risk and Insurance is the center of competence for economic and sociological issues in the insurance industry. With our involvement in degree programs and continuing education, we make a important contribution to professional qualification opportunities in Switzerland in the topics of Insurance and Reinsurance Management, Risk Management, Digital Transformation and Insurance Broking.

As a competent partner in research and consulting, we contribute to scientifically clarify, present challenges and exploration of issues in the insurance industry. The overarching goal is to always use these studies for the benefit of insurance customers or companies and to set the course for the sustainable development of the insurance industry.
The Institute for Risk & Insurance enjoys the support of the Swiss Insurance Association. In addition, we maintain an exchange with our permanent Advisory Board(PDF 62,7 KB). These are personalities from the insurance industry who volunteer and provide the opportunity for exchange and feedback. We value this interfacing function of board to sharpen our educational offerings and highlight at the same time where we generate added value for the market as a university of applied sciences.

Core Competencies

Continuing Education

In teaching, we offer the BSc in Business Administration - Specialization Risk & Insurance for Bachelor students. This allows you to lay the academic foundation for a career in the insurance industry.

Our continuing education program is geared towards lifelong learning and offers comprehensive certificate courses (MAS, CAS) as well as continuing education courses.
Among these you will find three programs that are held completely held in English. First, the programs of "The Institutes" and second our CAS in Reinsurance Management. "The Institutes" is educational partner of ZHAW, School of Management and Law, i.e. Institute for Risk & Insurance. Thanks to this partnership we can provide all kind of exams at our examination center in Winterthur.
The Associate in Risk Management™ program is particularly valuable because it provides a holistic view on risk. It is used internationally as a teaching tool and has been known in Switzerland for over 20 years. As such, this program provides a unifying knowledge base for understanding modern Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The 'application seminars' offered by ZHAW support students in progressing smoothly through the program on the one hand and enhance a complementary understanding of risk management practice in Switzerland and Europe on the other.
In Reinsurance we provide two programs that complement each other: CAS in Reinsurance Management is oriented more on managerial aspects while Associate in Reinsurance™ tends to focus on technical reinsurance and process knowledge. Both programs are held in English and are unique in German-speaking countries or even in Europe.
Additionally to these offerings you will find short continuing education courses for your inspiration in everyday professional life.


In applied research, we prefer to focus on new questions that arise due to changes or challenges in today's insurance industry. In the course of our lively exchange with knowledge carriers in the industry, we repeatedly find that structured thinking and research work can make an important value contribution to sustainable development in the insurance industry. It is in our nature to approach this task in a practical and scientific way. Thanks to our team and its national and international networking in academia and industry practice, we are able to gather the full range of necessary knowledge and make it particularly useful for our research partners.

Please contact Daniel Greber, Head Institute for Risk & Insurance if you have a particular topics in your mind, that you want to follow up.


The boundaries between research and consulting are not clearly defined for application-oriented issues. For this reason, most of our consulting projects contain aspects of research and vice-versa. We offer consultancy services in the following areas:

Examples of current assignments include market analysis, the preparation of development scenarios, and the creation of a concept for a specific problem.