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Schaffhauser Nachrichten: Companies in search of purpose

How credible is it when companies strive for social or ecological purpose beyond profit? Albena Björck, who researches strategic management at the ZHAW with a focus on purpose-oriented organizations, explains the opportunities and risks of management and marketing based on the concept of purpose.

"If the 'purpose' approach is not backed up with action, then it is in fact just a futile marketing exercise. In recent years, we have unfortunately seen no small number of 'purpose-washing' examples."

Companies tell us they want to do more than just sell products and earn money; they aim at creating social purpose. What is behind the current hype surrounding "purpose" in the management world? Albena Björck gets to the bottom of the issue in an interview with Schaffhauser Nachrichten. She makes it clear: only those who stand by their word can ultimately benefit.