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Customized Study Trips

Linking Academics, Business and Culture

All our study trips are tailor-made. Participants will gain insights into how Switzerland has succeeded in establishing itself as a major player on the world markets. You are completely flexible in determining the ratio of academic lectures, company visits, cultural and networking events. A distribution of 50% lectures and 50% company visits proved to be a good mix of academic and practical input, with company visits picking up the topics dealt with during the lectures, putting them into a business context and showing best practices.

A Customized Training Program

Academic Input
Lectures, workshops and practice-related presentations are held by highly qualified professionals and experienced senior lecturers with extensive academic and professional experience in their respective fields. Create a mix of different disciplines or focus on a particular topic:
-  Luxury Management
-  Banking and Finance
-  Swiss Economy and Success Factors
-  International Business
-  Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Individual Programs
You are flexible in determining a schedule which suits your individual requirements the best.
Choose from various elements:
- academic lectures and practical oriented presentations by guest speakers,
- field trips to various Swiss companies,
- extracurricular activities, including cultural events and excursions to important Swiss landmarks and institutions,
- business-related or social networking events.

Choose your individual lectures

The subject area focuses on the specifics within the creation, development and realization of new business ideas. Led by specialists from the Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

Focus topics include risk management, traditional and alternative investments, banking regulation, controlling and business processes, corporate finance, New Finance Technologies and Future of Swiss Banking.

The key to success in today’s tough cross- border business environment is international competence: the capability to deal effectively with dynamic changes, different contexts, and diverse cultural influences. This requires management and leadership skills that a traditional business education cannot adequately provide.

The economy of Switzerland is remarkable for its stability. Despite a small labor force of 5 million, Switzerland is the 20th largest economy in the world by GDP. Famous for its favorable financial security laws, Switzerland is a preferred destination for foreign investors.

The Swiss Luxury Industry is world- famous. Focus topics include among others: The Specifics of Management and Marketing in the Luxury Segment, Successful Communication of Exceptional Value and Authenticity, Luxury 4.0: Digital Transformation of Luxury Business Models, High Tech versus High Touch: the Management of Personal Interaction as a Key Differentiation Factor of Luxury Offerings.

An official certificate from the ZHAW School of Management and Law will be issued to each participant upon successful completion of the program.

Business and Culture

We maintain partnerships with renowned companies on a national and international scale. According to the focus area of your study trip, we are happy to arrange visits at suitable companies. The visits can cover presentation on strategic topics, focus speeches related to a group’s professional background, interactive workshop sessions and guided tours through different divisions of a company.

Enhance your tailor-made study trip with additional activities. Switzerland has a lot to offer – from breathtaking landscapes and landmarks to an interesting, highly diverse cultural heritage. Let us know your preferences, and we can organize cultural activities, sightseeing tours, mountain excursions and networking events with local students.

“The Zurich study tour was an amazing learning experience, giving our MBA students an entirely fresh perspective on Swiss academia, business and culture. The tour was expertly coordinated by ZHAW with a perfect mix of inspiring academic lectures and impressive company visits hosted by high profile executives –  we all came away influenced by our experiences and motivated to ‘be more Swiss’!”

Catherine Porter, MBA Programmes Officer at Leeds University Business School

Brochure for Students

Brochure for Executives and Managers