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SNIS - Effective Carbon Market Regulation

The aim of this project is to develop effective carbon market regulations at international, national and regional level. We investigate the occurrence of abuses in existing markets and identify the gaps in market oversight that have led to these abuses. We derive new rules and principles for effective carbon market regulation at all levels.Due to the complexity of the issue, we work interdisciplinary and combine different methods. In the first phase, we will develop a conceptual typology of markets. In the second phase, empirical evaluations of primary data, semantic analysis of documents and interviews will be carried out, and in the third phase, the results of the first two phases will be combined.

Duration: 2019-2021

Funding: Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS)

Project Team:

Regina Betz (CEE, ZHAW, Coordinator):

Katharina Michaelowa (Universität Zürich, Co-Coordinator)

Raphaela Kotsch (CEE, ZHAW, PhD Student)

Peter Schwendner (ZHAW, Principal Member)

Andrea Baranzini (Haute école de gestion Geneva, Principal Member)

Rainer Baisch (Universität Zürich, Principal Member)

Paula Castro (Universität Zürich, Principal Member)

Axel Michaelowa (Universität Zürich, Principal Member)

Rolf H. Weber (Universität Zürich, Associated Member)

Michael Mehling (Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Associated Member)

Collaboration with Carbon Market Watch, Germanwatch and UNFCCC

External Projectlink:


“The role of non-liable entities in carbon markets on national and international level”, presented by Regina Betz at RSERC, December 2019, Humboldt University. (PDF 3,9 MB)

"Risks in carbon markets: lessons-learned from the Flexibility Mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol", presented by Raphaela Kotsch at the COP25 in Madrid, December 2019. (PDF 1,9 MB)

“Transfers of Kyoto units in the Swiss Emissions Trading Registry”, presented by Regina Betz at the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE) European conference, August 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia and Winterthur, September 2019. (PDF 1,6 MB)

Projecthomepage and Video:

Further information is available directly under the project-homepage. A video with the project description can be found here.