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Associate in Risk Management (TM) ARM

Holistical Risk Management

Do you want to know how opportunities and risks affect the course of your business? Do you want to understand why certain business activities are a complete success and others do not meet expectations, or even fail?
It is essentially about control confidence of the company's decisions.
It is about making good decisions on the basis of valid information or taking accompanying measures to support or protect the company’s objectives.

Like natural persons (i.e. individuals), legal persons (i.e. companies) have a “personality,” an “appearance,” a “capacity” and much more. The knowledge of how a legal personality works is gathered and assessed in the “enterprise risk management process,” as it is called. The more professionally this collection is managed, the more stringently it can be made fit for the development of the objectives.

After completing the certificate, you will be able to better prioritize and communicate advantages of the planning or critical points of the current situation. In addition, you will be able to present proposals for optimizing opportunities and extrapolating risks, and to advise on the subject matter. You will be able to hold your own as a broadly informed promoter of sustainable corporate development.

At a Glance

Qualification: Associate in Risk Management™ from The Institutes, with or without certificate of participation from ZHAW, School of Management and Law, depending on choice of program.
Possible combinations: Chartered Insurance Broker CIB® or Associate in Reinsurance

Start: Possible at any time, contact seminars of the ZHAW according to timetable:
Running from January 25, 2022 through March 15, 2023;
Registration deadline: January 4, 2022.

Duration: Approximately one year, with considerable flexibility in terms of how the course is structured

Costs: Depending on the course structure, costs are between CHF 2,190 (online self-study only) and CHF 9,690 (online and practical ZHAW seminars); please use the student advisory service to structure your course.
Information on Pricing (PDF 195.2 KB).

Location: Self-study online; application seminars either online or on site (participant’s choice) (ZHAW Campus, School of Management and Law,  close to Winterthur main train station)

Language of instruction and materials: English

ARM 400 - Risk in an Evolving World

The objectives in the first part of the ARM Diploma (“Risk in an Evolving World”) include, taking the perspective of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and looking at the four main categories of risks and opportunities. Modern techniques, metrics and control points are put into context using operational objectives and, just like an ERM process, guide you through the system which is intended to accompany the management and development of a business.

The objectives of the ZHAW application seminars are divided into two main topics:
1/3 Overview of the focal points of the preparation and
2/3 Discussing how to deal with complex risk management issues and considering practical examples in the context of your professional situation. You will be taught how to verify the control mechanics via qualitative and quantitative techniques and you will be able to underpin business planning with a consideration of opportunities and risks, including within the regulatory framework. Quantitative information for decision-making, plannability and organizational resilience are just some of the positive influences that benefit the general objectives of any sustainably managed enterprise.

ARM 401 – Holistically Assessing Risk

The objectives of the teaching material for this section of the course will enable you to make more accurate risk assessments and use them as a basis for decision-making. You will apply the statistically important concepts in a simplified manner in order to recognize their significance as examples on the one hand, and to implement them in practice as arguments and a meaningful basis for assessment on the other. Risk changes (KRI) and analyses are then divided up and discussed along the risk quadrants, with new technologies always being taken into consideration.

The objectives of the ZHAW application seminars are divided into two main topics:
1/3 Overview of the focal points of the preparation and
2/3 Effectively incorporating these analysis techniques into prevention and recognizing how they can support sustainable business development. In addition, a better understanding of the context will make you more productive and, upon completion of the certificate, you will be better equipped to approach the difficulties and challenges associated with national and international business activities in a more sophisticated manner. With regard to the practical benefit for enterprise risk management, this toolbox will be linked with the knowledge parts from the ARM 400 contact seminars.

ARM 402 – Successfully Treating Risk

The objectives of the third part of the teaching material, “Successfully Treating Risk,” bring the topic full circle and cover risk transfer in the context of enterprise risk management. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the various techniques and market opportunities for transferring risks and ensuring the best possible opportunities for business development.

The objectives of the ZHAW application seminars are divided into two main topics:
1/3 Overview of the focal points of the preparation and

2/3 Reserved for discussions and experience contributions in order to anchor the handling of risks, the limits and the type of risk transfers with assessment bases and parameters. You will also discuss the extent to which this transfer – depending on its nature – can be a source of risk in its own right, and how it should be priced. You will benefit from the professional assessment of experts and lecturers on how hazards can or must be transferred in order to support business success. The debate on how to consciously assess and quantify a company’s risk-bearing capacity has some room for maneuver. Getting closer to reality through group discussions and case studies strongly enhances the skills you already have. You will also recognize that professional communication surrounding risk is one of the most important value propositions of risk management, because with the best possible balance between risk handling, financing and monitoring, and transparent presentation, it may become apparent that a “hazard” could in fact be turned into a market advantage.

Exam Information

Exam preparation

All "The Institutes" materials include sophisticated software that enables independent exam preparation. In addition, "The Institutes" offers an application in the popular App Stores, each of which contains further exam preparation questions. (CHF 10 per program) In addition, students will receive further exam information in the application seminars.

Exam Information

The ARM exam format is the same for all three exams: 50 multiple-choice questions, 65 minutes of exam time, virtually from home.

You must complete your registrations directly from The Institutes homepage. When registering for the exam, select the appropriate 'examwindow', module and exam and follow the instructions in the registration process.

The same calendar dates for the 'Examwindow' always apply. When registering, you primarily choose the time slot and can then take the correspondingly booked exam on the day of your choice within this period.

    January 15 - March 14
    April 15  - June14
    July 15 - September 14
    October 15 - December 14

For ERM Path Students: The recommended 'Examwindow' are mentioned in the diagrams of the study sections. However, they are not set in stone, and you may choose to address your individual needs. The details may be discussed in the classes.

For independent-path students: To facilitate smooth registration, we recommend that you register for the appropriate 'Examwindow' 6 weeks prior to the date you wish to deliver your exam.

Details about the virtual exam process:
Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the detailed exam information provided by The Institutes: Detailed Exam Information The Institutes.

Enquiries and Contact

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institut für Risk & Insurance
Technoparkstrasse 2
8400 Winterthur

Tel: +41 58 934 77 98


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Institut for Risk & Insurance

Coaches / Lecturers:

Lecturers are selected depending on the topic. Lecturers from the university and experts from practice complement each other in a balanced rotation. United, they guarantee relevance in theory and practice and complement each other with the aim of giving participants the broadest possible insight into the options for ERM development.