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Associate in Risk Management (TM) ARM

At a Glance

Degree: Associate in Risk Management (The Institutes)

  • ARM 400 - Risk in an Evolving World
  • ARM 401 - Holistically Assessing Risk
  • ARM 402 - Successfully Treating Risk

Duration: Approximately one year, with considerable flexibility in terms of how the course is structured

Language of instruction and materials: English

ARM 400 - Risk in an Evolving World

The objectives in the first part of the ARM Diploma (“Risk in an Evolving World”) include, taking the perspective of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and looking at the four main categories of risks and opportunities. Modern techniques, metrics and control points are put into context using operational objectives and, just like an ERM process, guide you through the system which is intended to accompany the management and development of a business.

ARM 401 – Holistically Assessing Risk

The objectives of the teaching material for this section of the course will enable you to make more accurate risk assessments and use them as a basis for decision-making. You will apply the statistically important concepts in a simplified manner in order to recognize their significance as examples on the one hand, and to implement them in practice as arguments and a meaningful basis for assessment on the other. Risk changes (KRI) and analyses are then divided up and discussed along the risk quadrants, with new technologies always being taken into consideration.

ARM 402 – Successfully Treating Risk

The objectives of the third part of the teaching material, “Successfully Treating Risk,” bring the topic full circle and cover risk transfer in the context of enterprise risk management. You will gain a comprehensive overview of the various techniques and market opportunities for transferring risks and ensuring the best possible opportunities for business development.