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Our 25 Faces

The MAS Business Administration is 25 years old? "For me, that is a reason to celebrate because …

… the MAS BA offered by ZHAW is a practical executive education program that really helps managers: "At Crosswind, we implemented the business plan I developed for my company while completing the MAS BA. The knowledge I acquired on business management topics helps me run my business every day. I continue to benefit from the network I have built up with my instructors and fellow students."

André Bruggmann, Co-CEO & Geospatial Solutions Expert, Crosswind GmbH

… it prepares capable, motivated people for the demanding role of being a manager in a VUCA environment. Participants expand their business network and, above all, their horizons. In order to fulfill my mission of redeveloping and transforming Stadtoase Zurich, the broad scope of management skills I acquired were indispensable."

Rahel Leugger, Managing Director, Stadtoase Zürich

… this excellent executive education program has significantly shaped my entrepreneurial journey. As the founder and CEO of BREVIT AG, an SME specializing in cybersecurity, the MAS BA helped me to develop innovative solutions and position them successfully. The practical content and decision-making skills it provides are crucial for our success and the continuous development of our company."

Marco Hiestand, CEO | Board Member | Founder of BREVIT AG

… the course is a great business program which incorporates highly topical subjects in exciting mixed classes. In epic outdoor seminars, which are challenging and allow for laughter, the executive education program imparts knowledge that leads to exciting exchanges and friendships beyond the classroom. With the know-how I have gained, I can efficiently achieve our goals in a project like Klybeck in Basel with various stakeholders and a clear strategy."

Andreas Laederach, Project Manager, Klybeck Plant, Equans Switzerland Facility Management AG

… the program has a lasting effect because it consists of clearly structured content segments, is delivered with great passion, and offers graduates the opportunity to get their careers off to a flying start. That is success live! The MAS BA is a pool of knowledge that has broadened my horizons. It has helped me to understand strategic topics more comprehensively, be heard, and make effective decisions."

Roland Regli, Head of Quality Food & Beverages, Dätwyler Schweiz AG

… the program has given me the business knowledge and all the methods I need to do my job as a manager on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to a practically oriented transfer of knowledge, I can adopt different perspectives, which has helped me broaden my horizons and contribute to the further development of my department and the company."

Curdin Baselgia, Head of Customer Service, Scania Schweiz AG

… the program has enabled me to be on an equal footing in discussions with our internal controlling department and set the right course for our business processes. I still use the concepts I learned on the MAS BA – they support me as a people leader, sales trainer, and mentor. Therefore, I unreservedly recommend this program to any prospective manager."

Dr. Jens Fritsche, Director of Business Development, RMS Europe, Charles River Laboratories

… this program has opened many important doors for me and helped me expand my network to benefit my career. Because of the practical orientation of the MAS in Business Administration, I have a wide range of knowledge and tools for my international project environment, enabling me to manage major projects successfully and in a goal-oriented manner."

Davis Huber, Senior Project Manager, Project Execution, Die Casting, Bühler Group

… this program taught me the essential areas of business management in successive modules. It has opened up new perspectives on my work as an archaeologist and helped me to manage my daily tasks in a structured and efficient way. With every new archaeological project, I can successfully apply certain areas of the program."

Sonja Streit, archaeologist

… this program has significantly shaped my professional journey. I had the opportunity to work on an actual project – creating a business plan for the future Oerlikon Sports Center. The highlight of my studies was my Master's thesis on the organizational development of the pool facilities at the Zurich Sports Office. The effort paid off: In April 2023, I was promoted to Deputy Head of the Pool Facilities Department. This position requires strategic thinking, efficient use of resources, and authentic leadership in a complex working environment – skills I acquired in the MAS BA program."

Philipp Buchelt, Head of Operations / Deputy Head, Pool Facilities Department, City of Zurich

… I might never have had the courage to become self-employed without this program. Topics such as strategy, finance, and leadership are no longer a sealed book to me. During my studies, much emphasis was placed on solving tasks as part of a team and directly applying what we had learned – perfectly balancing theory and practice. To this day, as Managing Director of Quentin GmbH, I can benefit from all the knowledge imparted in the program."

Marko Petrovic, Co-Founder, Quentin GmbH

… this first-rate management program has shaped my technical career in the international business world. Engineering and my newly acquired management skills gave me the means to venture abroad, allowing me to take on a new leadership role in Sweden. This means a new challenge in my career and an adventure for the whole family."

Pascal Gyr, Commissioning Lead / Certified Electrician, Kirby Group Engineering

… this program provides first-class knowledge and creates a strong community. In addition to my business studies, I expanded my professional network and gained valuable insights. Congratulations on this milestone!"

Rafael Gämperli, Head of Vocational Training, Stadler Bussnang AG

… the MAS BA impressed me with its practical relevance. I could apply the management tools directly on the job during my studies, and they gave me added confidence when starting my own company."

Sarah Küng, Managing Director & Founder, The Motion Partner GmbH

… the MAS BA enabled me to develop both personally and professionally. The program teaches the key management methods for managers and provides a solid foundation in business administration. The high practical relevance of both the input and the instructors is particularly impressive. In addition, the methods were applied and deepened as we developed a business plan, played the management game, and solved various business cases. Accordingly, I still successfully apply the methods I learned in my day-to-day work as Head of Logistics at the Zurich Cantonal Police."

Philipp Brändli, Head of Logistics / Police Officer, Zurich Cantonal Police

… the MAS BA and MBA programs provided me with the foundations for the next steps in my career. The MAS BA program gave me essential core business management skills, which I could put to good use when I moved into a management position and founded a start-up. The MBA program helped me to develop my skills as a manager. Education is always the right decision."

Manuel Buttenmüller, Head of Construction Project Management, Hilti Group

… the MAS BA opened the door to my career. The practical, in-depth knowledge imparted by the program still helps me in my day-to-day work today."

Alex Geiger, Digital Health Expert, Hirslanden Group

… during this intensive period, I acquired a broad range of business management expertise that I can still draw on almost every day even 13 years later. That allows me as a manager to remain calm even in difficult times and successfully tackle operational challenges. I would also like to mention the valuable friendships I made during my studies."

Lukas Imhof, Purchasing Manager, Bächli Bergsport AG

… this program was an important piece of the puzzle in realizing my professional goals. I acquired the most important basics from various specialist areas of corporate management and applied them directly to my work. The concepts and tools I learned have given me the skills to develop netech strategically and operationally and further establish the company as a maintenance expert. But the exciting discussions with instructors and other participants from a wide range of industries were also enriching. I still benefit from this broad network."

Thomas Walt, CEO, netech – Neeser Technik AG

… this executive education program gave me a holistic view of corporate management. Even during my studies, I could put the theoretical knowledge I had acquired into practice through targeted, practice-oriented assignments, recognize complex business and economic relationships, and develop solutions through systematic and networked thinking. Overall, the MAS BA has made a significant contribution to my professional development and personal growth."

Neli Markovic, Management Services, Noser Engineering AG

… the program has had a positive effect on how I see many things in both my private and professional life. Such executive education is not only a great experience for your career but also a school for life. In addition to networking and sharing experiences with colleagues, you can challenge yourself: 'If you stop wanting to improve, you stop being good,' according to Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. I can warmly recommend this experience to everyone because constant training and learning are necessary to improve in today's volatile working life."

Patrick Gauss, CEO, Fronius Schweiz AG

… this program has significantly advanced my professional and intellectual development in many areas. Through the intensive study of management topics, I sharpened my analytical skills, improved my decision-making, formed valuable relationships, and exchanged ideas with experts."

Kevin Heer, Operating Managing Director, Hochstrasser AG

… this anniversary proves the success of this concept: practically oriented and in line with participants' needs. As a management assistant in the parish of St. Anna, Frauenfeld – an 'SME of the Catholic Church' – I benefit daily from the management tools I acquired doing my MAS BA. This also benefits those around me and our entire organization. Good content must be well-managed."

Lukas Schönenberger, Management Assistant, the Parish of St. Anna, Frauenfeld

… they reflect the continuity of valuable management training at one of the best European business schools. The MAS BA has given me the business, project, and marketing skills to make informed decisions at both a technical and a commercial level to supplement my chemistry degree."

Dr. Nicolas Rühl, Product Manager, Metrohm

… the program has provided me with in-depth business knowledge and range of methods that I need to succeed on a daily basis. The practical transfer of knowledge enabled me to develop a wide range of skills for taking on management tasks and my personal development."

Petra Roth, Senior Advisor, Corporate Development & Sustainability, Thurgauer Kantonalbank