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SML-Essentials "Corporate Responsibility Management" now also available in English

The publication series "SML essentials Vol. 06: Corporate Responsibility Management" is now also available in English.

The textbook demonstrates how to construct a modern, professionally designed, and more credible management approach to corporate responsibility.

It is intended to enable the reader to analyze and evaluate the corporate responsibility management of a given company according to defined criteria on the basis of information in the public domain.

Corporate responsibility (CR) management is defined as the task of businesses to identify, in an efficient and systematic way, areas for action where corporate responsibility activities support the achievement of objectives and where strategic decisions are taken based on these insights and applied in an operational context.

Questions include:

  • Which stakeholders and CR issues are essential for the company?
  • How can individual CR issues be linked to corporate strategy?
  • How can appropriate targets, indicators, and action plans be developed?
  • How is CR performance reviewed and evaluated?

You can order the "SML essentials Vol. 06: Corporate Responsibility Management" directly at Orell Füssli.