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International profile

Porträtfoto Andreas Eberhart IP

“International contacts and the English language have now become so essential to the engineering professions that it is indispensable for me to be able to operate in an intercultural context. On a personal level, too, I found my exchange semester in the United States a wonderful experience. I made a lot of new contacts there, which I hope I will be able to maintain.”

Andreas Eberhart, graduate in Electrical Engineering, international profile stream

During the first year of study, students of Aviation, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering and Engineering Management can enrol for the in-ternational profile of the ZHAW School of Engineering. They attend specific modules at the ZHAW School of Engineering in English, are issued with an internationally recognised level C1 English language certificate and complete either a semester abroad or a foreign industrial placement. Al-ternatively, they can write their Bachelor's thesis abroad.

"Companies are looking for employees who can find their feet in a different culture, can speak foreign languages and are able to assert themselves in challenging and competitive circumstances. All these skills can be systematically promoted and learned during a study programme abroad. A foreign stay not only generates progress in terms of training but also extends personal horizons to an enormous degree."

Alban Frei, M.Sc. UIUC, Departmental Head and partner, Zühlke Engineering AG

Admission requirements


“A semester abroad means going somewhere where everyone speaks another language but where everyone understands each other. You make new friends, learn about another culture and experience things that you won’t forget very quickly.”

Martin Vontobel, exchange student at the Universidad Europea de Madrid


Upon completion, students receive their diploma together with an English certificate (International Profile Certificate) listing all successfully completed performance assessments of the international profile.


Registration for the International Profile takes place during the first year of study. Students of the ZHAW School of Engineering can find the relevant information on the Intranet.