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Careers after bachelor's degree Aviation

Career after the bachelor's degree Aviation

After completion of the study programme, you will find challenging jobs in the fascinating field of aviation. In accordance with your personal interests, you will primarily be employed in project management in the following professional areas:

Your possible places of work will include the authorities, air traffic control, airports, airlines, maintenance companies, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers, the Air Force, the transportation industry (e.g. SBB), banks and insurance companies.

Professional area: Planning (Administration)

"As far as I know, the aviation study at the ZHAW is unique in Switzerland, so the decision to go for it was made quickly."

Salomée Amstutz, aviation graduate, turnaround coordinator Zurich Airport

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Porträtfoto vom Aviatikabsolventen, heute Pilot

“When the Aviation degree programme was created, I knew immediately that this was the right path for me to take. It wasn’t a rational decision, but rather an emotional one.”

Samuel Gessler, graduate of the Aviation Bachelor programme, A320 pilot with Swiss International Air Lines

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Professional area: Technology (Engineering)

Professional area: Operation (Management)

Aircraft Technician

Aircraft technicians work for aircraft maintenance and servicing companies. The main tasks include the release of aircraft fol-lowing completed maintenance work. Graduates of the Aviation programme who are pursuing a licence as an Aircraft Technician B1 as per EASA Part 66 are granted credit for eight training modules. This significantly decreases the theoretical training time.

Graduate profile

Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Most graduates will find a suitable career start very quickly. The median starting salary is CHF 85,000.The chosen industry and specialty play an important role. Overall, the salary spectrum for engineers ranges between CHF 92,000 and 145,000 per year, depending on the industry, the area of activity, the hierarchy level and age. (Source: salaries for engineers and architects, special supplement Swiss Engineering, Sept. 2020).