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ProCap flow analysis system in wind tunnel

ProCap flow analysis system successfully put into service at the ZHAW Centre for Aviation (ZAV)

The ZAV aerodynamics team led by Prof. Leonardo Manfriani has successfully started operating its newly acquired ProCap flow visualisation and measurement system, assisted by the manufacturer streamwise gmbh. The  ProCap system will be used both in the wind tunnel and in the field for customer services.

“Probe Capture (ProCap) is a new and unique tool for flow visualization and measurement that combines the intuitive and simple handling of a smoke probe with the data content and quality of a 3D-point measurement scan. The region of interest is manually scanned by the operator using a hand-held probe while the system records the measurement data, optically tracks the probe’s instantaneous position processing and visualising the flow field in real-time “ (streamwise gmbh). For additional information consult the manufacturer’s web page.