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Background: Further development of the brainstorming and also aims at mutual stimulation of the participants. 

Goal: A free association. The ideas are not discussed orally, but written down by each participant. Just as in brainstorming, the aim of brainstorming is to discuss and further develop the ideas collectively. 

Approach: 6-3-5 method. 6 participants, each equipped with a sheet of paper with 3 columns and 6 rows. Each participant completes the first row of the sheet within 5 minutes, then the sheet moves on to the next participant. After 5 rounds, 6 sheets of paper with a total of up to 108 ideas are created. Of these, the double entries are crossed out.

Advantage: Because each participant writes down ideas in peace and quiet, the association process is free of criticism. Cost and time saving. Low conflict potential between participants.

Disadvantage: Written ideas can be misinterpreted due to limited communication.

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