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Brenet workshop «Building-related Multienergy-Systems: Exploring future products and services for decarbonization»

The brenet building network held the third workshop in the series "Building-related Multienergy-Systems" on 24 March. The focus of the event was on solutions with multi-energy systems (systems with different energy sources for heating, ventilation, cooling and power supply) for single and multi-family houses.

In the workshop, which was conducted in English, small innovation groups discussed one of the following questions and develop solutions:

  • Planning multi-energy systems in single-family homes: How can planners be supported in combining PV, battery, electric mobility, thermal storage and heat pump?
  • Hydrogen for mobility and as seasonal storage: Which solutions enable decentralised use in buildings?
  • Battery storage in the building or in the bidirectional vehicle: How can the management of the storage be optimised in the area of conflict between profitability – energy supply – climate?
  • Data and data management: What new solutions are required for the holistic multi-energy system?
  • Interfaces in multi-energy systems: What new definitions are needed for sustainable systems?
  • How can real estate managers be motivated to replace fossil heating systems with more environmentally friendly (multi-energy) systems?


  • 08:30 Arrival
  • 09:00 Welcome and introduction
  • 09:10 Matchmaking
    • Short presentation of all participants, give-and-take matrix
  • 10:20 Keynotes
    • Energy Management: Adding unnecessary system complexity or saving money?
    • Decentralised electricity for winter – technical and regulatory challenges
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:30 Identification of need & pain points
  • 12:30 Networking lunch
  • 13:30 Idea creation and rating
  • 14:30 Break
  • 14:40 Idea profiles
  • 15:20 Presentation of the results
  • 15:50 Farewell
  • 16:00 End of the workshop