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International Workshop DynPOWER

Thanks for attending the 4th edition of DynPOWER 2020

The fourth edition of the DynPOWER Workshop 2020 was attended by 264 participants from 46 countries. Among the participants were representatives from industry, science and the general public. The most strongly represented regions were South Asia, North America and Europe.

The feedback of the participants was consistently positive. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to thank our speakers and participants, who once again made it possible to hold this important event.

On this page you will find PDF files as well as videos of all the presentations of the fourth DynPOWER workshop.

Statistics of the fourth edition of the workshop

Workshop organizer Rafael Segundo is satisfied: "We wanted to give DynPOWER a chance in a new format"

The fourth edition of the International Workshop DynPOWER was the first to be held online. Despite additional challenges: Rafael Segundo is satisfied and is already planning the next workshop.

The workshop was on the verge of a cancellation.

As always, the DynPOWER workshop was planned as a presence event. In fact, due to the special circumstances worldwide, we were close to cancelling the workshop. But when we saw that many organizers were holding their events online, we decided to do so too.

Was the effort worth it?

We wanted to give DynPOWER a chance in a virtual format and are very satisfied. We had many registrations from all over the world.

What were the challenges?

Online events can be shared with the whole world. What is actually an advantage, however, has a big difficulty: We had to synchronize the agenda with all speakers and participants. In doing so, we made a compromise regarding the time difference between Asia and America. This way we could reach as many people as possible.

What was successful?

The organization via Zoom caused fewer problems than we feared. The platform offered exactly what we were looking for. After a few tutorials we fully understood Zoom and could use it in our favor.

What was the feedback of the participants?

We received many compliments – the quality and organization of the DynPOWER workshop were particularly praised. Participants who had already attended previous editions of the workshop noticed how we gain experience and how we are constantly improving.

So, nothing stands in the way of the fifth DynPOWER edition?

In fact, the fifth workshop has already been confirmed. The many positive feedbacks motivate us to take on the work and continue DynPOWER. Who knows: Maybe one day we will become an international reference event for the energy system community.


Energy transitions worldwide are pushing towards more sustainable societies demanding the maximization of carbon-free power plants integration and minimization of nuclear and carbon-based energy technology. Such is the case in Europe, where up to 75 percent of the total demand is envisaged to be covered by renewable energy production by 2040.

Power systems are evolving towards low-inertia networks and system operators are facing new challenges associated to the dramatic increase of inverter-connected devices. These, as such, do not provide any inertia to filter dynamics originated by power system disturbances.

Consequently, utilities require higher degree of observability in the network in order to improve the decision making and situational awareness of the transmission system. Under this context, transmission system operators (TSOs) need to be equipped with new and more sophisticated tools to determine the security level of the system during and after severe transient periods and identification of the source of the problem.

The International Workshop DynPower is a free event that brings together a panel of experts from industry and academia from all over the world to present their most recent developments to overcome the inherent energy challenges. The contributions address topics from operation, monitoring, protection, and control of the future power grids.


Name Affiliation Country
Prof. Yanli Liu Tianjin University China
Prof. Emilio Barocio University of Guadalajara Mexico
Dr. Guglielmo Frigo METAS Switzerland
Dr. Petros Aristidou Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus
Prof. Jose Luis Rueda Technical University Delft Netherlands
Prof. Joe H. Chow and Stavros Konstantinopoulos Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA
Prof. Daniel Dotta University of Campinas Brazil
Dr. Miguel Ramirez Zurich University of Applied Sciences Switzerland

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Organizing Committee