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Multiphysics Modeling

The Institute of Computational Physics (ICP) possesses a fundamental core competence that can be applied to numerous problems and is increasingly in demand in industry and research: We model phenomena that simultaneously affect several areas of physics. For example, we model the solidification of steel and calculate both the liquid properties of the melt and its solidification as well as the mechanical deformation in the cooling process.

In order to be able to calculate such multiphysical models, several areas of physics must be included and their interactions with each other must be taken into account. Multiphysical models are much more accurate than isolated observations of individual physical processes, but they are also much more complex.

Our expertise enables us to describe multiphysical problems from the ground up using mathematical models. To solve these mathematical systems of equations we develop special numerical methods and algorithms, which we calculate and solve either with self-written or commercial software. The level of detail of the developed models is adapted to the available experimental data as well as to the problems relevant in the development process.

Each model of physical processes requires verification with real data. We obtain a part of these measurement data from partner institutes, such as the Scientific Center for Optical and Electron Microscopy of the ETH Zurich, or from our in-house Optoelectronics Laboratory (O-LAB). The O-LAB also provides us with the unique opportunity to set up special test structures in order to further refine our models and to develop new measurement methods that are helpful for the investigation of certain problems.

Only this approach enables models that are so close to reality that they meet the requirements of accuracy and complexity in practice. Our partners and customers thus benefit from tailor-made simulations of all phases of the product life cycle.


Multiphysics as a Cross-Cutting Theme

Our knowledge and expertise in the modelling of multiphysical phenomena can be applied to many and very different problems. Besides the development of multiphysics software, we focus on the following future-oriented technologies:

Multiphysiks Software

In-House Products

Open Source and Commercial Software