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Industry 4.0 award for wireless data capture made by ZHAW

The ED-1 measuring tool was developed by Derichs GmbH in collaboration with the ZHAW School of Engineering. It records important data from cooling and heating rollers in the plastics industry. The ED-1 has now received the ICE Europe Award in the category Industry 4.0 at the International Converting Exhibition.

The ED-1 tool awarded at the exhibition records data directly inside rollers as they rotate and transmits it wirelessly to the evaluation units. Its sensor and data transmission were developed by the ZHAW Centre for Signal Processing/ Communications Engineering (ZSN). It controls the temperature, pressure and output during the extrusion of high-quality plastic films. ED-1 transmits this data to a corresponding receiver in real-time via a radio signal. If set limit values are reached, the roller can automatically trigger an alarm. This allows failures to be better anticipated and the need for reworks is minimised. «The captured data can be read out, stored and evaluated on a mobile phone or tablet», says Professor Roland Küng of the ZSN. «When the process computer is connected to the Intranet or the Internet, the data can be monitored from anywhere. In this way, it is available to any interested employee, from the process engineer to the managing director.»

At the International Converting Exhibition 2017 in Munich, Derichs GmbH and more than 420 other exhibitors from 26 countries presented their products for the converting of paper, film and foil on an area of about 11,000 square metres.

Link to video: Gewinner der ICE Europe Awards 2017