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Multiphysics Software Seses

Seses is a software solution for modeling multiphysics systems based on the finite element (FE) method consisting of an interactive graphical Front End program and a numerical batch oriented Kernel program, both for 2D and 3D geometries. The software tool is developed at ICP in collaboration with the spin-off company NM Numerical Modelling GmbH. We support our partners from the industry in the development of novel products by offering support  for Seses as well as joint research projects in the area of multiphysics modeling and numerical methods. 

Seses Features


Official Distributor

The Seses software is freely available. Support is provided by the ICP spin-off company and official distributor NM Numerical Modelling GmbH.

Latest Stable Seses Develop Version

Download and install the package for your operating system by following the instructions in the ReadMe file.

Latest Seses Documentation

Seses Manual (pdf)

Seses Tutorial (pdf)

Search Model Database

To search for Seses input files from the tutorial library please follow this link: http://trinidad.zhaw.ch/seses.