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CAI Colloquium

Wir laden KI-Experten ein, um für das CAI relevante Themen vorzustellen und zu diskutieren. Das Colloquium findet Mittwochs von 11:00-12:00 auf dem Campus Winterthur der ZHAW statt.



Datum Zeit&Ort Sprecher Titel Abstract
17.11. TS O1.13 Prof. Dr. Christoph von der Malsburg How can kids learn so much faster than transformers? Recent breakthroughs with neural AI seem to come very near to human-level intelligence. A remaining problem, however, is deep learning technology's tremendous thirst for data. It would take a human 10,000 years to read the amount of text used to train GPT-3, and the recently announced GPT-4 will, with as many parameters as the human brain has synapses, likely require 500 times as much data, equivalent to millions of years of single human consumption. Yet, a child needs a mere couple of decades of 'data taking' to develop full intelligence! How is that possible? A few rather obvious observations on cognitive processes and the way the brain is generated under genetic control point the way to a new paradigm beyond current AI.

Vergangene Termine (2021)

Datum Sprecher Titel Material
Wed, 8.9. Prof. Nicolaj Stache (HS Heilbronn) From Simulation to Reality using Reinforcement Learning PDF
Wed, 25.8. Prof. Marco Gori (U Siena) Learning to See by Motion Invariance PDF