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Cocoa in Numbers – from data to knowledge

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Nowadays consumers of cocoa and chocolate products are not only interested in safe high-quality products but also in products which are sustainable and produced under fair ecological and social conditions. The demand for transparency of information on the condition of cultivation, production and trade as well as on food safety and quality aspects is growing for both the consumers and the people involved along the cocoa value chain. For this reason, the goal of this interdisciplinary project is to generate a database, combining information along the cocoa value chain from the angles of different research disciplines such as agronomy, food microbiology/food biotechnology, food sensory, food quality, life cycle assessment and socio-economic impact. The set up of the data base will be done based on a selected model experiment under defined agricultural condition, allowing insights into aspects of the before mentioned research dimensions. By the establishment of this independent database we envision to promote transparency, quality, safety and sustainability along the cocoa value chain as well as the biodiversity and fair cocoa farming.