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Dr. Jaroslaw Szwedowicz

Dr. Jaroslaw Szwedowicz

Dr. Jaroslaw Szwedowicz

ZHAW School of Engineering
Institut für Mechanische Systeme


Persönliches Profil

Tätigkeit an der ZHAW als

Dozent / MSL


Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte, Spezialkenntnisse

Mechanical Eng. (30 yr.): Static, Strength, Contact Mechanics, Vibrations, Dynamics
Num. Mechanics (28 yr.): FEM, Acoustic-FSI, Flutter, Dampers, Mistuning,
Project Management (17 yr.): Product & Technology Development for external Customers
RCA (16 yr.): Turbocharger, Boiler, Steam & Gas Turbine, Compressor w/ variable Speed
Acoustics (15 yr.): Exhaust Systems, Cavities, Helmholtz Res., Cooling-Acoustics
Lifetime (14 yr.): TMF, LCF, HCF, Creep, Fracture Mechanics, Rain-Flow-Counting
Tools-Development (12 yr.): FSI, Tip-Timing, Optimal Strain Gauge Application,
Program Management (11 yr.): Transversal R&D Projects for GT Upgrades in Service
Measurements (10 yr.): Tip-Timing, Creep-Gauge, Strain-Gauge, Rotor-Acoustic Monitor.
Selective Laser Melting (9 yr.): SLM-IN738LC Data & Repair Process for GT-Components
Joining Tech (6 yr.): APS-Brazing, TIG-Welding, Self-Igniting Foils, Conductive-Glues
Shape Memory Alloys NiMnGa (6 yr.): SMA-Valves for passive SAF Control at high Temp.
Digital Thread & Twin (6 yr.): NDT-to-MI for Supporting Decision-Making, e-Burner
Wireless Sensors (5 yr.): Energy-Harvesting, passive SAW Tech for High Temperatures,
Piezo-Materials (4 yr.): Passive Piezo-Dampers, Wireless Sensors
Opt (3 yr.): Topology & Shape Optimization, Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Instrumentation

Aus- und Fortbildung

Jaroslaw Szwedowicz is a R&D Senior Key Expert at Siemens Power and Gas working on new developments and initiating innovative technologies for GT. After obtaining his PhD on Robot Dynamics (1990) in Poland he began his engineer career track with Steam Turbines at Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas in Mexico, moved to ABB Thermal Machinery Lab in Switzerland, next joined ABB R&D Turbochargers, changed to Alstom Power Service, and worked at GE as a Consulting Engineer and Technology Program manager till 2017. He has over 25 years of industry and academic experience in lifetime methodologies, friction- & piezo-damping technology, fluid-structure interaction, acoustics, blade dynamics, testing and digitalization for GT. Jaroslaw has authored over 50 publications and holds 5 patents with over 14 patent applications. His skills and experiences have a proven track record in innovation based projects, technology roadmaps, successfully leading international teams for various products. Jaroslaw acted as an AE in the ASME Journal of Eng for GT & Power. Now he is an AE in IMechE Journal of Mechanical Eng Science. He is chairing the ASME Swiss Section and is a Reader at ZHAW as an academic part-time job.

Beruflicher Werdegang

MSc (85): “Development of FEM for Contact Stress Analyses within Bearings of Cranes”
Postgraduate Diploma Course (87): “Educational Development of Academic Teachers“
PhD (91): “Dynamic Analysis of an Elastic Robot Arm Including Friction & Clearances“

Employment History
Senior / Assistant Prof(80-90): theoretical mechanics and multi-body dynamics, Poland
Research Scientist (88-89): Lifetime and FE Methods for Steam Turbine Blades, Poland
Software/FEM Engineer, (89-90): el álabe-FE-Code for Steam Turbine Blades, Mexico
R&D Eng.(90-07): Methods/Measuring for Lifetime, Acoustics & Non-linear Vibrations,
ABB Expert (98-01): Numerical & FE Methods; ABB Expert (02-07): Turbocharger MI, CH
ABB Group Leader (99-08): R&D Project Acquisition and Execution, CH & Europe
ABB Project Manager (00-08): Test Bench Development, Interdisciplinary Products, CH
Alstom Platform-Manager (14-15): Modern Sensor Technologies for Power Plants, CH
Alstom Expert (14-16): MI & Dynamics of Gas Turbines in Service, CH
Alstom & GE Program Manager (08 -17): Technology/NTI Projects for GT in Services, CH
GE Consulting Engineer (16 -17): Mech.Integrity & Lifetime of GT Engines in Service
Siemens Power & Gas (17 →): Senior Principal Key Expert for Gas Turbine Technologies

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Scientific and Intellectual Property Output (more than 170 Citations & 1000 Readers)
19 Patents and Patent Applications
2 Capitals in Lecture Series Monographs of von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics
17 Publications in scientific journals (archival-quality papers)
48 Papers in Conference Proceedings and more than 130 Technical Reports