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We invite Data Science experts to present and discuss topics relevant to the scope of Datalab. The seminar usually takes place every two weeks, on Thursdays from 12:00-13:00 at the Winterthur Campus of ZHAW.

Future Events

Date Time&Place Speaker Title Abstract
Wed, 18.12. 12:00, TH 343 Prof. Dr. Luca Maria Gambardella (Director of IDSIA, USI-SUPSI, Lugano) Innovation through Artificial Intelligence Doing innovation with artificial intelligence is the challenge of this digital age. We present opportunities, risks and above all the possible virtuous paths which allow companies to be effective in this sector in collaboration with the academia. We start from our work at IDSIA (USI-SUPSI) in Lugano, started in 1988, and we focus on the actual context where methodologies are not standardized and evaluating performance and robustness is the key factor to succeed.

Past Events (2019)

Date Speaker Title
Fri, 15.11. PD Dr. Friedhelm Schwenker (University of Ulm) Artificial deep neural networks for multimodal emotion recognition
Thu, 10.10. Lucas Kook (University of Zurich) Transformation models - an introduction
Thu, 03.10. Prof. Dr. Oliver Dürr (HTWG Konstanz) Go with the Flow
Thu, 12.09. Dr. Siavash Arjomand Bigdeli (CSEM) Deep Density Approximation for Bayesian Image Restoration
Fri, 09.08. Prof. Haiwang Cao (Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, China) AI application in safety support for civil airports
Mon, 15.07. Prof. Dr. Mark Sanderson (RMIT University, Melbourne) Conferences vs. journals in computer science
Tue, 21.05. Prof. Dr. Beate Sick (ZHAW) Uncertainties in Neural Networks
Mon, 20.05. Dr. Vasileios Trigonakis (Oracle Labs Switzerland) Introduction to Graph Processing (with PGX)
Wed, 23.01. Prof. Dr. Bernd Freisleben (University of Marburg, D) Deep Learning for Visual Computing