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International Affairs

Internationalisation is one of the five parts of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences legal mandate (teaching / research + development / services / continuing education / international relations).

The School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering maintains international contacts at several levels and through various channels, and cultivates close contacts with selected partner institutions.

Within the framework of bilateral agreements with selected partner universities in Spain, Portugal, England, Germany, Slovenia and India, the Architecture degree programme supports student participation (also as free movers at a university of their choice) in exchange programmes and cultivates these contacts at staff level too.
The seminar weeks, which take place regularly in the form of study trips to European capitals, are another important part of the training and curricula.

Regular workshops with other universities provide opportunities for international cooperation.

Several projects have been realized within the framework of long-standing cooperation with Orlová, an industrial city in Moravian Ostrava (Czech Republic).

Partner universities

Country University
Belgium Universiteit Antwerpen
Belgium KU Leuven, Gent / Brüssel
Germany Universität der Künste Berlin
Austria Technische Universität Graz
England Kingston University, London
Portugal Universidade do Porto
Slovenia University of Ljubljana
Spain UPC ETSAB, Barcelona
Spain UPV ETSA, Valencia
Norway OHA The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
India CEPT University, Ahmedabad


Students who would like to spend a semester in Winterthur as part of a bilateral exchange program,
apply to their university and are nominated by their institution. A limited number of study places are also
available for freemovers. Please apply directly to the Student Exchange Coordinator. The majority of the
Architecture program is mainly held in German.


Studierende, die ein Auslandsemester an einer Partnerschule – oder als Freemover – absolvieren möchten, reichen zuhanden der Studienleitung eine Bewerbung ein. Ein Austauschsemester ist im 5. Semester des Bachelorstudienganges oder im 2. Semester des Masterstudienganges möglich und muss rechtzeitig im Voraus geplant werden. Im Masterstudiengang gilt zu berücksichtigen, dass unabhängig vom Auslandsemester je ein Masterstudio in Constructive Project und in Urban Project an der ZHAW belegt werden muss.