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BA in Architecture

Architects with a Bachelor of Arts ZHAW in Architecture are specialists in the spatial and structural organisation of the built environment, on the one hand. On the other hand, cooperation with various experts and the logistics of complex workflows require generalist skills and knowledge. These tasks demand solution-oriented working strategies to cover a wide range of requirements.

Owing to the complexity of their working environment, architects with a BA must have a comprehensive understanding of cultural, political, technological, economic and ecological contexts. They understand areas such as project planning, detailing construction of their own or given projects, construction planning, scheduling, coordination of specialists, construction management, cost control or discussions with the authorities regarding the architectural project as a whole.

The BA enables architects to participate in project planning, execution, maintenance and renewal of structure as informed and jointly responsible team members. They work on problems that can be solved efficiently with structural solutions. They collaborate with users, building contractors, investors, authorities, colleagues, contractors and workers, thus contributing to a built environment that meets essential human needs. In doing this, they are aware of their responsibility to society and the environment.


For further information please refer to the German page.