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Researchers from the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management (LSFM) initiated a platform to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of health. The School of LSFM supports this initiative to increase visibility of all health-research related activities in teaching, R&D, continued education, and services. The platform has the ambition to bring appropriate visibility to the strategic pillar health, being the most comprehensive research field at the School of LSFM and at ZHAW. The platform will initiate interdisciplinary projects, communicate the research to the public and create a network around health research.The platform is driven by researchers from each institute at the School of LSFM (scientific committee “Health”: Sven Hirsch, Theo Smits, Lukas Neutsch, Sören Werner, Nicole Gerber, Lars Fieseler, and two external experts) and supported by a programme director, who will in cooperation with “Communication & Marketing” actively communicate health related activities via a new webpage, social media channels, and press releases, thereby promoting the visibility towards life science professionals and the public. Three major pillars are forming the platform project: communication, positioning and projects in the area “Health”. Communication is intended not only inside the School of LSFM, but also towards other schools at ZHAW and outwards to stakeholders. For positioning, the scientific committee will promote the topic “Health” inside ZHAW, but also towards industry, national initiatives and project funding agencies. An incubator for innovative “Health” projects constitutes the central instrument to identify synergies between research groups of different institutes at the School of LSFM and to allow foundation thereof.In general, interdisciplinary research activities of at least two institutes covering important health related topics will be supported. The application process will be competitive and evaluated based on scientific novelty, expected outcome, feasibility, budget planning, and measures to ensure visibility. We expect the first call to be opened by the end of 2018.The platform and the scientific committee “Health” are intended to be opened to other schools at ZHAW on request.