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Prof. Dr. Pasquale Cirillo

Prof. Dr. Pasquale Cirillo

Prof. Dr. Pasquale Cirillo

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik

+41 (0) 58 934 44 36

Persönliches Profil

Tätigkeit an der ZHAW

- Professor of Data Science
- Coordinator of the international CAS in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis (joint with UC Davis)

- Machine Learning 1 (BSc)
- Machine Learning using SAS Viya (BSc)
- Data Analysis with SAS (BSc)
- Applied Data Science (co-instructor, MSc)
- Machine Learning for Business (CAS)
- Applied Forecasting (CAS)


Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte, Spezialkenntnisse

Quantitative risk management, machine learning and data analytics
Special interest in tail risk

Aus- und Fortbildung

University teaching qualification for mathematics, Delft University of Technology (2015)
Habilitation in Applied Statistics, University of Bern (2012)
PhD in Statistics, Bocconi University (2008)

Beruflicher Werdegang

Senior statistical consultant for major companies and institutions, in Switzerland and internationally (banking, insurance, biostatistics)

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Beiträge in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift, peer-reviewed
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Publikationen vor Tätigkeit an der ZHAW

Peer-reviewed papers

N.N. Taleb, Y. Bar-Yam, P. Cirillo (2020). On single point forecasts for fat-tailed variables. International Journal of Forecasting, doi: 10.1016/j.ijforecast.2020.08.008.
A. Fontanari, P. Cirillo, C. Oosterlee (2020). Lorenz-Generated Bivariate Archimedean Copulas. Dependence Modeling 8, 186-209.
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Books and chapters in books

D. Delli Gatti, S. Desiderio, E. Gaffeo, P. Cirillo, M. Gallegati (2011). Macroeconomics from the bottom up. Springer
N.N. Taleb, P. Cirillo (2019). The decline of violent conflicts: what do the data really say? In: The Causes of Peace, A. Toje, and B.N.V. Steen (eds). The Norwegian Nobel Institute, 57-86
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