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Revolutionizing Education60+: Digital Lifelong Learning

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The global phenomenon of population aging and the rapid pace of digital transformation are defining our era. In 2020, 25% of Swiss citizens were aged 60 or older, reflecting a trend observed worldwide as the population over 65 continues to grow. However, amidst this digital revolution, older adults often encounter a 'digital divide'. Our mission is to bridge this gap and empower seniors in the digital realm. We believe in lifelong learning for people of all ages, recognizing its pivotal role in personal development, social integration, and active citizenship. The benefits of lifelong learning, including improved cognitive function, strengthened social connections, and enhanced overall well-being, are well-documented.

Digital learning tools target young and rarely address the needs of generation60+. We revolutionize education60+ by developing a new e-learning concept and platform with age-friendly content and learning experience. By providing equitable learning solutions and enhancing digital literacy among seniors, this project aims to create both social and economic impact while fostering healthy aging in our community.