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Koordinierte Versorgungsnetze - Modelle guter Praxis

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Due to the growing burden of chronic disease and aging populations, healthcare systems, and primary care more specifically, are facing an increasing number of patients with complex care needs, requiring comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care with a variety of healthcare professionals. In response, new models of care targeting coordination of care are highly sug-gested in primary care.


<>Overall: Identify "best practices" of primary care coordination in models of integrated primary care.

  1. Identify, using knowledge synthesis methods, which interventions/elements seem to contribute to care coordination in primary care; existing barriers and facilitators to care coordination in primary care
  2. In-depth analysis of ongoing swiss projects specifically aiming at improving care coordination in primary care
  3. Combine results of 1+2 for a comprehensive view to have a set of pragmatic recommendations


Literature review and multiple case studies.