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12th Day of Life Sciences hosts 3rd CCBIO Symposium on «Industrial Biocatalysis»

The 3rd CCBIO Symposium on Industrial Biocatalysis will provide a platform for scientific knowledge transfer and dialog for participants from industry and academia.

Biocatalysis has become a vibrant scientific discipline with an increasing number of industrial applications emerging in recent years. Products manufactured by enzymatic transformations are used in the food, feed, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and the number of compounds produced using biocatalysts is expected to increase further.

Future innovations in biocatalysis will be fueled by a close cooperation between experts from chemistry, micro- and molecular biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics and engineering. In a transdisciplinary environment, the 3rd CCBIO Symposium on Industrial Biocatalysis will provide a platform for scientific knowledge transfer and dialog for participants  from industry and academia and bring together renowned researchers to discuss recent advances and future directions of the field. The symposium will cover cutting edge topics of biocatalysis, ranging from the evolution of synthetically valuable enzyme families, genetic code expansion and the design and optimization of artificial enzymes, to the development of computational approaches for enzyme engineering. In addition, the symposium will feature several successful biocatalysis examples from industry.


The following speakers have confirmed their attendance for our upcoming event:

  • Roman Kazlauskas, University of Minnesota (USA)
  • Rudi Fasan, University of Rochester (USA)
  • Margit Winkler, acib GmbH/ TU Graz (AU)
  • Hans Iding, Hoffmann – La Roche AG (CH)
  • Rebecca Buller, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH)          
  • Anthony Green, University of Manchester (UK)
  • Cathleen Zeymer, TU Munich (D)
  • Hiroshi Kawabata, Mitsubishi Chemical Company (JP)
  • Martin Schürmann, Innosyn (NL)
  • Ioannis Pavlidis, University of Crete (GR)


Pre-Symposium (Network Program «Innovation in Biocatalysis» / Swiss Women in Chemistry) will take place on June 3rd 2020 at the same location. More information will follow.

Programme flyer «12th Wädenswil Day of Life Sciences 2020» (PDF 374,1 KB)

Online registration: payment with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Postcard)

Online registration: payment on account


Von: 4. Juni 2020
Bis: 4. Juni 2020


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