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Anforderungen der Studierenden an hybride Lernumgebungen

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An interdisciplinary and international research project is being developed as part of a doctoral research collaboration between the ZHAW and NTNU. The project aims to investigate the impact of hybrid learning environments on the needs of students at universities. Inspired by changes in university learning environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it aims to explore the impact of hybrid learning on student social connectedness.

Existing research suggests that online- or face-to-face teaching alone is not beneficial, with the majority of students preferring a hybrid approach to learning. However, there is limited evidence on how to support students and improve social connectedness in hybrid learning environments.

The project will align with an ongoing research project at NTNU and will focus on identifying essential factors for a supportive hybrid learning experience, comparing student perceptions in different hybrid settings, and adapting the learning environment according to student preferences. The overall goal is to measure student needs, assess the suitability of the hybrid learning environment, and identify effective measures.