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Fog-Cloud Continuum Framework for Near-Data Computing

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After more than a decade of unprecedented growth of centralised cloud
computing facilities, scalability and cost are the main drivers to shift
data processing closer to the data path, including at the origin of
data-producing devices. In large-scale sensing scenarios, including in
smart cities and in billion-device telecommunications, concentrating all
data processing purely in cloud-hosted software units is not feasible
anymore. Several concepts (edge computing, fog computing,
near-memory/near-data computing) have emerged, each with their own
community and with, thus far, fuzzy and overlapping terminology. In
this project, we propose to investigate a first software framework for
programmable continuums, based on recent gains in developer-friendly
assisted application decomposition into microservices, to enable
scalable and optimally distributed data processing applications. With
this applied research approach, we aim at giving an answer to the
currently open question: How do we engineer software for continuums?

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