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A platform enabling efficient and effective delivery and packaging of therapeutic molecules

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Despite major breakthroughs in the identification of new promising drug candidates, translating these findings into the clinic is often hampered by challenges in delivering an efficacious drug dosage to the site of the disease. In an effort to address this challenge, researchers are deciphering the natural communication pathways in the human body, specifically how cells send signals to target cells in distant tissues. A recently discovered cell-to-cell communication pathway may provide the missing puzzle piece for more precise drug delivery. It has emerged that almost all the cells within our body can establish links to neighboring as well as distant cells by the release of tiny “balloons”, termed exosomes. The discovery that these exosomes, are functional shuttles of signaling molecules, led to the idea that they could represent ideal nanoscale candidates for drug delivery systems of modern day pharmaceuticals. The core competence of Anjarium lies within the realms of engineering exosomes to use the full potential of the exosomal therapeutics. This project will allow Anjarium to develop its Hybridosome platform.