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Human Centered Technologies for a Safer and Greener European Construction Industry

Development of autonomous data acquisition systems for the creation of digital twins.


The HumanTech project aims to make the construction industry safer, more sustainable and more efficient. Digital tools and devices are being developed for various applications to support the planning and the actual process of construction. This includes topics of occupational safety and health such as the development and control of construction-supporting machines and robots as well as the construction digitization, for example geometry measurement and processing for use in the modern, digital construction models of the BIM method.

The various subprojects are designed to

  • make work on construction sites safer and less strenuous
  • speed up the processes of model generation, construction progress control and quality monitoring
  • make the use of resources on construction sites more efficient by avoiding errors or detecting them at a very early stage and by reducing the use of materials through automation.

Our contribution is the development of autonomous, mechatronic data acquisition systems for automatic scanning and the creation of digital twins of construction projects in the BIM context.

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