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Swiss Circular Economy of Skills and Competences (SCESC)

Sub-project "Learning Communities"


While automation is advancing and skills gaps are growing, value creation in vocational training is increasingly taking place outside Switzerland. The flagship SCESC, funded by Innosuisse, therefore aims to create a circular economy for skills and competencies. The initiative aims to enable individuals to gain fair access to further education and retraining measures and to develop future-proof skills portfolios. Companies are given a platform to identify and close skills gaps; education providers are offered sustainable training concepts and a new approach to course creation. The ZHAW (IAP) is leading the sub-project "Learning Communities", which has the following three main objectives:

  1. building learning communities that offer learners different synchronous and asynchronous ways to communicate with each other, depending on the current purpose and need.
  2. building a search and suggestion mechanism that provides learners with suggestions about which learning communities will best support them in their current situation on their learning journey.
  3. identify success factors for collaborative learning in the context of vocational education and training that best support learners at different stages of their learning journey.