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Integration potential of participatory cultural sites and projects

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As part of the ZHAW's "Social Integration" funding priority, the Centre for Arts Management is investigating the integrative effect of participatory cultural sites and/or cultural projects on people of different origins and cultures in the project "Diversity and culture: integration potential of participatory cultural sites and projects". A case study analysis is to show differences, similarities or patterns within selected cases from the Canton of Zurich. The project will address questions such as: What are the particularities of using culture for integration processes? How are integration-promoting cultural projects and offers initiated, organised and financed (content, duration, long-term nature and sustainability of the offers)? What role do which cultural sites and projects play in integration (promotion)? Which groups of migrants use which cultural projects and offers?
The first research objective is a situation analysis and typification of the cultural sites and projects that promote integration, as well as a survey of the motivation, general usage patterns and socio-demographic data of the people who make use of these services. Furthermore, the results will be modelled-based on qualitative interviews with operators, volunteers and participants as well as an expert workshop. The latter should provide a transferable and practical planning reference framework for the initiation and sustainable development of participative cultural sites/projects with integrative potential for people of different origins and cultures elsewhere.