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Creative Agility – How art-based strategies transform digital and analog communication in organizations

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As part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ project "Creative Agility", the ZHAW, together with adult education partners from Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria, is exploring how art-based strategies transform digital and analog communication in organizations. The aim of the project is to develop a curricular training concept on "Creative Agility" in the form of a modular art-based, knowledge-oriented and methodological-didactic kit. In addition, pilot courses (market tests) in Europe and experiments with digital and analog learning formats will be realized.

The ZHAW, represented by the FAB OKOE Organizational Communication and Public Sphere of the IAM Institute for Applied Media Studies at the Department of Applied Linguistics, is particularly responsible for the linguistic-communicative evaluation of a case study for the development of a guideline for the implementation of artistic interventions in organizational contexts. The case study takes place in a municipal structure in Germany. Participants are decision-makers from council/politics and administration as well as artistic intervening actors from the Ottersberg College of Arts in Social Action. The chosen artistic intervention is "Narrative Inquiry", a theater-based method that uses scenic sketches to create different communication situations. The ZHAW is also responsible for the linguistic co-development of teaching texts for the Knowledge Building Kit Communication, Language and Storytelling. It also provides consulting services for the evaluation of pilot courses in Europe and is responsible for the translation of the guidelines, curriculum and training materials into the Swiss national languages French and Italian in the context of translation projects with lecturers and students in the Master's degree program in professional translation.

The EU consortium consisting of kubus Kulturvermittlung Balzers, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg, SPES Zukunftsakademie Schlierbach and ZHAW considers the development of the key competence "Creative Agility" as a desirable goal. The collaboration will create a forward-looking educational offering that will make a valuable contribution to the transformation of digital and analog communication in organizations. The ZHAW project contribution is funded within the "Swiss Program on Erasmus+: Adult Education" by the Swiss national agency Movetia.

The EU's Erasmus+ program promotes education, training, youth and sport in Europe. All areas contribute significantly to addressing the major challenges facing Europe today and in the coming decades. In addition, Erasmus+ measures support the "Europe 2020" strategy for growth, job creation, social justice and social inclusion.

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