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AI Index Machine Learning Algorithms

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The project, undertaken by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) School of Management and Law for IMD – International Institute for Management Development, aims to pioneer the development of an "AI Index." This endeavor addresses a significant gap in the current understanding and measurement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology's adoption and impact within the corporate sector. Despite AI's burgeoning role in business strategies and operations, a comprehensive system for gauging this technology's integration and efficacy remains conspicuously absent. The project's inception is driven by the imperative to furnish businesses with a crucial tool that not only measures but also facilitates the enhancement of their AI-driven strategies, mirroring the dynamic evolution of AI in the corporate realm.

The project's objectives are multifold, encapsulating the creation of a universal AI index alongside specialized indices tailored to distinct corporate activities, underpinned by a hierarchy of AI types. This endeavor will utilize an array of methodologies for data collection and analysis, ensuring the derivation of precise and insightful metrics.

To achieve these goals, ZHAW will proffer its expertise in the methodology and categorization of AI, in addition to devising the algorithm for content similarity to gauge AI effectively. It necessitates close collaboration with IMD to ensure the project's success. Notably, the responsibility for data collection rests with IMD, although ZHAW commits to offering advice on data acquisition and potential alternative data sources.