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ESIT - Relief in the electricity grid through innovative grid tariffs

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The increasing electrification of mobility and buildings will cause new local bottlenecks in the electricity grid of municipal utilities in the future. These bottlenecks will necessitate cost-intensive grid expansion. Dynamic price signals should prompt home energy management systems (HEMS) at end customers to optimize their use of the grid and thus relieve the load on the electricity grid. Coupled flexible loads are to be shifted from times with high prices to times with lower prices.

In this project, 5 grid operators together with Swisspower AG and the ZHAW want to find out what effect the use of dynamic price signals has on the grid and how this is actually implemented. The tariff signals are published on an interface and retrieved fully automatically by HEMS. The HEMS optimize the coupled flexibilities (e.g. batteries, electric cars, heat pumps) along the grid-supportive price signal.

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