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NeDeLa - Network Tariffs for Decentral Load Control

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Dynamic tariffs can provide an incentive to shift flexible loads from periods with high prices to periods with lower prices. In contrast to direct load control by a single network operator, control via dynamic prices can simultaneously take into account congestion in different network levels and markets by overlaying the corresponding price signals.

In this project, a dynamic 15-min network tariff will be introduced at Groupe E as an optional tariff and different approaches for dynamic tariffs will be tested. The tariff signals will be published on the Internet and home-energy-management-systems (HEMS) that optimize flexibility at end-users (e.g. batteries, electric cars, heat pumps) could retrieve the tariffs and use the flexibility in a way that benefits the power grid. In addition to grid tariffs, HEMS can also take into account revenues from other markets (e.g., spot market, system service markets) to efficiently balance between different uses of flexibility.

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