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Business Clubs – Performance enhancement through new ways of working and activity-oriented offices

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Performance, satisfaction, work-life integration, and health are the core contents of sustainable working environments. In addition, the latest information and communication technologies make it possible to work independent of time and location. This tendency is taken into account in office organisation forms with non-territorial workplace utilisation strategies such as the Business Club. The project therefore focuses on the development of well-founded insights into the potential of the business club and the necessary infrastructure for formal and informal workplaces. Criteria and processes are derived from this, which create increased planning security and control options for corresponding room and function offerings depending on the organizational framework conditions. Economic, employee-related and structural-infrastructural criteria are taken into account in an integral way. These criteria form the basis for a pilot implementation with newly developed furnishing solutions and service concepts, which are scientifically developed and supported. A system of indicators is used to analyse and adjust the degree of achievement of the goals associated with the Business Club organisational principle. This promotes the innovation and implementation of new forms of work and the corresponding infrastructures.