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International Business Innovation

ZHAW & Stanford University 2023/2024

At a glance


Joint student teams from MSc International Business at ZHAW School of Management and Law and the legendary ME-310 course at Stanford University collaborate in an unique format to develop extensive new domain knowledge and numerous functional and business model prototypes. They engineer and strategize solutions that consider stakeholder needs, design requirements, technology development, commercialization and deployment practicality. Additionally, the students learn to navigate the inherent challenges that come with a global perspective through the immersive nature of the course. The faculty led by Prof. Dr. George Toye and Prof. Mark Cutkosky (Stanford University, Center fro Design Research) as well as Dr. Albena Björck (ZHAW, DIB) collaborate in co-designing immersive learning experiences and insights on topics around design, innovation and ambidexterity. The project 23/24 is sponsored by a joint team of Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine and MedTech Business Units and aims to contribute to improving the circularity of single-use medtech devices.